Radiant Woman: Clearing the 2nd Arcline

May 19th 2 - 5pm at The Kundalini Yoga Center SF

If your aura is the vehicle of light in which you drive, the arcline is the steering wheel. The arcline is the nucleus of the aura and everyone has one. But a woman has a second arcline between the breasts. Every sexual relationship a woman has is imprinted on this arcline.

Why does this matter?

Imprints take up valuable space in the arcline, crowding out the potential massive flow of additional prosperity and radiance. The arcline rules what we magnetize, or attract, in our life. The more radiant these spaces are, the better our chances to attract more radiant experiences, opportunities, peoples, and materials. The clearer the arcline, the more energy we have to live our highest destiny. Deactivating the imprints that we are carrying and creating more radiant circulation in this space is productive for a healthy and enjoyable life.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned female practitioners alike, in this workshop we’ll

  • Learn meditations to deactivate the imprints already there

  • Practice exercise sets to strengthen our auras and increase our radiance

  • Discuss intelligent and yogic ways to create sexual empowerment

  • Explore many tools to tap into the most beautiful and graceful version of ourselves

  • Experience deep relaxation with a healing sound bath

About Christina Puran Bani:

Christina Puran Bani Kaur is an intuitive healer, yoga teacher, dancer, writer, CPA, and VR producer. She is passionate about empowering her students to tap into their creativity and ability to self heal. She is an RYT 200 Hour certified yoga teacher and has completed training in Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga. Christina holds a MFA in Film & Television Producing and BS in International Business from the University of Southern California.

Energy Exchange: $30