Guru Ram Das Ashram hosts a monthly Gurdwara program 10:30 AM the first Sunday of the month. This experience of chanting is a gift from the Sikh Dharma to everyone.

There’s a technique of greatest meditation which is unique in the realms of spiritual consciousness: that is, coming to Gurdwara.
— Yogi Bhajan

On the first Sunday of each month all are invited to come to Gurdwara any time between 10:30 and noon. We listen deeply to that sacred sound current, and we sit in community to eat together.  Volunteers contribute all the kirtan, food, flowers, prep and cleanup.

An open invitation to all Kundalini Yoga teachers, students, friends, and neighbors, for a chance to connect with the infinite self at Gurdwara!

What is Gurdwara?

Gurdwara means “The Guru’s Gate.” Gurdwara is a group meditation and devotion where people gather in the presence of the living Guru of the Sikhs, The Siri Guru Granth Sahib–which is the embodiment of the Word, the Shabad, the sound current, the songs and prayers of the Gurus–to experience the Guru, to receive blessings and to grow in consciousness. Gurdwara attendees immerse themselves in the sound frequency of the Gurmukhi words. Gurmukhi is a script, which means ‘from the mouth of
the Gurus.” You don’t have to know Gurmukhi to come to Gurdwara. The singing of hymns to music is called kirtan, which is a very important part of Sikh devotion. Sikh Dharma is called the “path of the student.” “Sikh” actually means student. The path is to become pure, filled with integrity, truth and consciousness.

“I practice Kundalini Yoga, How does this relate to Kundalini Yoga?”…one might ask.

The Guru-the vibratory impact of the word- unites one with the infinite through the sound current. Kundalini yoga prepares the practitioner and enhances the capacity to hear that sound current. Kundalini yoga allows an ordinary person to live in this world, experience the ecstasy of consciousness, then use this consciousness to serve humanity. This is the same as Sikh consciousness – a student of infinity who is humble, serves all, and brings consciousness into committed action. It is not necessary to be a Sikh to have Sikh consciousness.The humility that is in Kundalini Yoga and in the Sikh consciousness is the same. The combination of the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and the values and humility of Sikh Dharma creates a good balance.

Gurdwara allows you to share in the group energy in the presence of the Guru and to also connect with others in different ways. Volunteers prepare langar, a delicious meal, to share at the end of the service. Everyone is welcome to share langar. Email to volunteer to cook.

We start each monthly program at 10:30 AM with 31 minutes of simple chanting (nam simran) usually led by Siri Vedya Singh on his guitar. We then move into chanting Gurbani Kirtan accompanied by harmonium as well as other eastern and western instruments.  After a prayer we receive the order of the day from Siri Guru Granth Sahib and share a delicious meal.

To facilitate meditation and maintenance of this sacred place be sure that your head is covered and shoes are removed.  Head coverings are available for your use.  Enter the Gurdwara respectfully and if you wish, touch your brow to the ground in reverence for the vibration of Infinity. It is also customary to make a material offering of money, flowers or food.