Our Teaching team

All of our teachers are KRI certified and bring their unique perspective and insight to their classes. Because there is a variety in teaching style we encourage you to try a few teachers and classes to see what suits you best.



Awtar Kaur Khalsa sat at the feet of Yogi Bhajan with notebook, timer, and camera, prompting him to remark, "She has perfect notes." Awtar teaches worldwide, using generous doses of humor to inspire students to expand. She’s been living, studying, and teaching in Kundalini Yoga ashrams since 1972. Now she directs the San Francisco Kundalini Yoga Center, where she lives with her husband. She leads Aquarian Teacher Training there, and participates in other programs around the country.



Siri Vedya Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1977. From 1979 through 1997, he served as the Director of the San Francisco Kundalini Yoga Center, and has been teaching the Saturday morning class at the center for the last 15 years. A student of Yogi Bhajan for nearly 30 years, Siri Vedya takes great delight in sharing stories and anecdotes taught by the Master of Kundalini Yoga. Siri Vedya’s classes include a short talk, live guitar music, and the deep intention to help each of his students cultivate their own ability to uplift and strengthen themselves.


Carolina (Japa Prem)

“The Church says: the body is a sin. Science says: the body is a machine. Advertising says: The body is a business. The Body says: I am a fiesta.” ~ Eduardo Galeano

Carolina (Japa Prem) is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor + Practitioner. Her classes are broken down by theme, focus and occasional creative explorations on paper. As an instructor her mission is for everyone to be present and aligned to their hearts. Her highest values are integrity, kindness and courage. Born in the United States and raised in Uruguay, her integrative approach to teaching stems from her connection to her ancestral roots. She received her KRI Level 1 Certification and is pursuing Level 2 at Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco with Awtar Kaur Khalsa. Currently she is getting certified in rebirthing breathwork at The Yoga Society of San Francisco with Briksha Mahendra.


Radha Sangeet

Radha Sangeet has been a practitioner of yoga, meditation, and spiritual disciplines since 1997. Her journey with Kundalini Yoga began in 2007 at Golden Bridge in Hollywood, CA in classes and workshops with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Tej Kaur Khalsa. In the summer of 2016, she awoke to the need for a daily practice and embarked on a journey to incorporate a Kundalini Yoga Sadhana into her life. She completed her Level 1 teacher training at the Kundalini Yoga Center San Francisco with Awtar Khalsa. 

Radha Sangeet is a member of International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association & has completed: The Aquarian Teacher,™ KRI International Teacher Training Certification Level 1,  Yoga Alliance- Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)


Rosalind Hinton

Rosalind Hinton has been a student of yoga since the 1980s.  She took her kundalini teacher level 1 training in 2010 with HARI KAUR KHALSA in New York City and a number of level 2 teacher trainings with Awtar Kaur Khalsa at The Kundalini Yoga Center, San Francisco since moving to the Bay area 7 years ago.  

Rosalind has a “tricoastal” footprint in New York, New Orleans and San Francisco. As an oral historian and fellow at Newcomb College Institute, created laoutloud and nolajewishwomen--websites and efforts dedicated to bringing forward the voices of progressive women activists in New Orleans. Skilled in cross cultural discussions on ethics, values and religious beliefs, she has a PhD in Religious Studies from Northwestern University and has taught multiculturalism, feminist theology and African American Religions at DePaul University in Chicago and at Tulane and Loyola Universities in New Orleans.


Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh noticed an immediate positive effect on his body and spirit from his first Kundalini Yoga class in 2001. He holds KRI certifications for Levels 1 and 2. The positive effects of the KY practice expanded into all major aspects of his life. Since 2011 he’s been welcoming new and existing students of all levels to the Monday night class. His classes are gentle yet challenging, in a variety of ways. Each class offers an opportunity to increase self-awareness. Increased flow of praanic energy removes unnecessary blocks. It enhances viitality, radiance and joy. Each class ends with a magical gong healing session. 


Santokh Kaur 

Santokh Kaur began studying at the Guru Ram Das ashram with Siri Vedya. in 1999 and became certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher in 2002 with Sat Santokh. Santokh’s classes include a short talk, intention setting and application of yogic principles to one’s own life, asana, live guitar music, chanting, and meditation.  In addition to teaching yoga, she is a leadership coach for executives and entrepreneurs who are raising children www.saraellisconant.com


rosa zapatero

In 2004, after living for two years in front of a kundalini Ashram in Brooklyn, New York, I went to a Kundalini yoga class. I had been in other yoga classes before but nothing as transformative as Kundalini. Something that struck me in my first class was that I started to be aware of my physical and emotional state as I had never been before. This awareness made me realize that I was in charge of my life and led me to make important changes. When I moved to San Francisco from New York, I was looking for an opportunity to grow personally and to get strength and support. Thanks to the amazing and inspiring teachers that I had in the Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco I decided to join the yoga teacher training. Since then, I have incorporated this practice that I love to my daily routine helping me to find calmness, to be more present and to face the future with more trust.


Nacho Fuentes

Nacho took his first Kundalini Yoga class with Seva Simran in San Francisco in 2012 and immediately felt in love with powerful Kundalini Yoga teachings. Six months later he commenced his teacher training directed by Awtar Kaur at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco. Nacho has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2013. 

Nacho is an enthusiast of yoga and in particular he loves to seek and explore the relationship between body, mind and soul. His classes are dynamic and energetic. He likes to emphasize breathing techniques, sound and the meditative aspect of the yoga practice. 

Nacho´s classes are usually blessed with a long and deep gong bath. The yogi tea after class, is on us! 


Prabhu Kiret

Prabhu Kiret Singh, a.k.a. Greg Keydel took his first Kundalini Yoga Class in 2009 with Lynn Roulo. A few years later he completed his level one Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Awtar Kaur Khalsa. He is currently taking level two trainings. 

The Tuesday morning classes tend to have 1-3 students. You are likely to receive a nearly private lesson. I’m happy to take suggestions and/or discuss where you are coming from. I enjoy chanting, breath work, meditation and yoga.


Premjot Singh

Premjot came to Kundalini Y oga in late 2015 after practicing twenty years of asana and vinyasa.

Of his first class he says, “I had never has so much fun in a yoga class. It was amazing! So much inertia shifted. I knew immediately it was the direction I was meant to go.”

His teachings present a broad kundalini experience, balancing health and variety into a fun, and at times, challenging package of becoming, place from which we can all move forward with courage and lightness of step toward joy and truth. 

Premjot thanks Seva Simran Singh Khalsa, Liya Garber and Eva Monova Rose for inspiring him to enter teachers training; Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and  Gurushabid Singh Khalsa for his Level One training; Awtar Kaur Khalsa and Siri Gian Singh Khalsa for the two Level Two modules he has completed; Mike and Gallina Tamburo of Crown of Eternity for gong training; and Jeffrey Cohen for his ongoing monthly Sat Nam Raysaya practice groups.