The Aquarian Teacher™ Level 2

conscious communication

In conscious communication your integrity shines & your words have impact…

A conscious communicator is a conscious human being—gracious, kind, & real.
— Mehtab Singh/Jerry King,  Level 2 practitioner

About the course

What do we mean by communication? The definition of communication is a practice that creates a “common notion” with another person or object of attention…At what level do we communicate? Did you ever learn that your existence is your communication? Your projection is your relationship? You are the power? But life is often sour. There is no happiness, because your communication has no purpose of Self. You communicate to impress someone. You don’t communicate to relate you to someone. That’s why you suffer now. You don’t communicate consciously. —Yogi Bhajan

Key Topics

  • Recognize and contrast conscious communication with other types of communication

  • The role of silence and shuniya in communication

  • The art of deep listening—sunni-ai

  • Mastering the Fifth Chakra

  • Recognizing your shadow and overcoming your blocks through applied consciousness

  • Communicating with the Infinite and the nature of prayer

Experience the Master, Yogi Bhajan, in daily video classes and meditations.

Study with a unique team of International Trainers from around the world.

Use your communication skills to create a common notion with others—even those you disagree with. Communicate your whole Self, with awareness, kindness and fearlessness. Listen—don’t just hear. Elevate your communication to the power of creative dialogue so that life becomes a flow, in harmony with the Infinite.

If you want to live in the Age of Aquarius learn to call on yourself. Learn to be yourself. Learn to vibrate.
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This program is based on the comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The Aquarian Teacher program is a journey of development as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. There are three levels of certification: KRI Level 1: Foundations & Awakening - Instructor * Level 2: Transformation – Practitioner * Level 3: Realization -Teacher. Conscious Communication is one of five modules required for KRI Level 2 Practitioner certification.


Training Team:

Dr. Siri Gian Singh and Awtar Kaur offer acceptance and encouragement of each trainee, and rigorous attention to the integrity of the teachings. They are both Lead Trainers who draw on their long experience of practice and teaching (combined over 80 years)! They are dedicated to promoting personal and social transformation. This program supports activists intent on dismantling racism, homophobia and all forms of oppression


Siri Gian Singh Khalsa


Awtar Kaur Khalsa


Dr. Krishna Kaur Khalsa


8 AM - 6 PM Saturday & Sunday

August 24-25, September 7-8 & 21-22



Level 1 Certification is a pre-requisite for participation and is required to qualify for completion credit of Level 2 modules. 50 hours of each level 2 module are classroom time and twelve hours are home study to be completed after the classroom part of the course. KRI requires that participants attend all classes, pass the exam and complete the home study assignments which take place over a 90-day period after the course. (Students should be aware that it is actually a 120-day or longer commitment.) In order to certify, participants must complete all requirements within a year of the last classroom day. Level 2 is comprised of five modules required for KRI International Level 2 Certification: LifeCycles & LifeStyles, Conscious Communication, Mind & Meditation, Authentic Relationships, and Vitality & Stress. The five modules are to be taken over a minimum of a two - year period.


  • Preregistered by August 1, 2019 - $1099 EXTENDED!!

  • Registration after August 1, 2019 - $1249

Email or call 415 863-0132 to register or receive more information. Be sure to include or mention where you received your Level One certification.


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