ROOTED: A Kundalini Yoga Workshop for the Autumn Equinox

Come practice yoga, meditate, and reflect on how to use the summer to fall seasonal shift as a portal to your own evolution.

September 21st 2 - 4 PM

Energy Exchange: $30


During this time of year, our bodies and minds can become overwhelmed and out of balance. We may feel unsettled or unstable. The Autumn Equinox is a power-point transition date, which can be used alongside Kundalini Yoga and Meditations to release any negativity, jump start focus on the true self, complete projects and plant seeds for new.
When we participate in nature's cycles with intention, we embody her stamina of renewal and beauty through change. Rather than letting the season just be a backdrop to your routine and wardrobe, this workshop covers how to honor nature’s rhythms as a portal to your own evolution.
Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this workshop will include:

- In depth instruction on the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga including mantra, posture, and breathing techniques
- Exercise sequences to ground energy in the body, open the heart, and clear the mind
- Powerful meditations to activate creativity and intuition
-Discussion and reflection on seasonal wisdom and supportive Ayurvedic practices
- Deep relaxation with a healing gong sound bath
- Nourishing Yogi Tea

Autumn Equinox.png